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They are of all ages and come from sometimes completely different backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: they’re libertines. Quite simply, they frequent libertine places and practice sex freely, without getting into trouble. Of their own free will and in the form of an amateur contribution, they have sent a naughty dedication to Without further ado, enjoy our members’amateur photos.

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Erotic & libertine story
My first night in a club

Hi, my name’s Matthieu, I’m 25 and I’m going to tell you about the first time I went to a swingers club. In fact, I was a student in Tours and I’d heard about a club that had been open for years and that I’d heard was nice. At the same time, I knew that a libertine club had to be nice, but I’d been told that there were often single women in this one, and that some of them were very greedy cougars, so there was something to satisfy my desires and whet my curiosity. So one evening I went to Chambray les Tours after dinner, so as not to arrive too early or too late.

I was a little stressed because it was the first time I’d been to a place like this, and even though I’d had booty calls with chicks my own age and even with a mature woman, I knew it wasn’t at all the same in a place like this. On the club’s website, it said that you weren’t allowed to touch a woman without being invited, that you could watch, that you had to be respectful, I’d read everything and I wondered how it was going to work out, if it was going to fuck all over the place, if I was going to see chicks being taken by 3 guys, if I was going to be able to take part – well, I had all kinds of unanswered questions, of course.

Anyway, I went through the door, a charming chick greeted me and explained the rules to me again, then headed for the bar and there, well… I was intimidated. A couple in towels were leaning against the counter, a lone woman in a little dress was chatting with them and two guys were also there waiting, so one was also wearing a towel around his waist. I had a drink, grabbed my towel and headed for the changing rooms to get undressed. And there I came face to face with a beautiful woman, in her forties, naked, with her big breasts hanging out. She greeted me with a big smile and said “See you later”. Me? Already? I’d barely arrived and some minx was telling me I’d see her later that evening? I hurried to put my things in the locker, then headed for the shower as the waitress had asked me to.

It’s not easy to say to yourself that you’re going to be naked in front of everyone, but as everyone else is also naked, in the end, it looks pretty good. I then discovered the jacuzzi, a long one with a subdued blue light, super nice. There was the woman I’d met in the changing rooms, a young couple and two guys. I took a seat right next to the mature one, without saying anything, just smiling at her, and she smiled back.

I barely had time to start enjoying the bubbles when I felt her hand touch my thigh and graze my cock. I was still intimidated, but I reacted quickly as my dick started to harden, especially when my right hand touched her thigh and then her breasts. She took my dick in her hand again and asked me to stand up to get out of the water. I complied without saying a word and she stood in front of me, taking care to get her head level with my cock so she could take it in her mouth. Fucking hell, she sucked me off, the bitch!

A real cougar bitch who must have had a hell of a lot of fellatio experience! She asked me to follow her and took me to a room with just a bed, dim lighting and condoms. She closed the door behind us, sat down, asked me to come forward to suck me again before slipping on a condom and turning around doggy-style. I realized what I had to do. I shoved my cock into her slick, wet pussy, gently at first but it was she who asked me to speed up the movements.

Then I grabbed her buttocks and started to fuck her. She was screaming like crazy, someone was trying to open the door, so she asked me to pound her even harder. I pounded her like a good old slut, which is what she wanted anyway, but I was so excited by the sight of her well arched rump and her open asshole that I came quickly in the condom, it was too good. I apologized for coming so quickly but she said it was no big deal, that she’d already had her fun twice since she’d arrived and that she’d wanted to give me pleasure without actually taking any. We went out again, she gave me a little kiss on the mouth, I thanked her and she disappeared just as I was about to take a shower and have a drink afterwards.

I ran into her again a little later in the evening. She was with 2 guys in another room, door open, having a double penetration, screaming with pleasure. What a bitch! I’d had my fun, I was happy, I took advantage of the jacuzzi a little longer to jerk off while checking out the young couple fucking right next to me and I left around 11pm, my balls empty. I was satisfied with my first evening in a libertine club: I’d met and fucked a good cougar, I’d checked out a couple, I’d thrown my cum in twice, I was already looking forward to going back.

And that’s how I got to know the libertine world and its codes, and I can tell you that I still frequent it because it’s really too exciting to fuck strangers in a jacuzzi, sauna or hammam and then leave without ever seeing them again.