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The erotic story of a couple
Exhibition in a pub

My husband and I love exhibition. We’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s always a moment of excitement for both of us, and we always make love on the way back from a little exhibition outing. We also take sex photos, so we can look at them from time to time to turn each other on. So, as we took one a few days ago, I’m going to tell you about it in my very own erotic story. To introduce us a little, my husband is 37, tall, athletic, dark-haired with brown eyes and handsome, normal, he’s my man. Me, I’m a little 35-year-old chick, also brunette, brown-eyed, with short, boyish-cut hair, I’m 1m61 tall, slim and have a small 85B bust, which means I don’t have to wear a bra very often. Last weekend, we went out to a pub where there are billiards. I can see you coming, you little rascals… Yes, I like wielding cues and balls, but my man and I share a passion for billiards and hope one day to acquire one. In the meantime, we go to this pub regularly and that evening I had dressed up as a rascal because we felt like playing a bit. In fact, it was my man who asked me to dress sexy. He kept taking pictures with his phone while I put on my lingerie. So I put on a tight little top with no bra, a little sweater over it, a black pleated skirt that came to just above my knees with a pretty red thong underneath, and I had on little ballet flats, because although I like to dress enticingly, I don’t like to look like a whore. When we got to the pub, there weren’t many people there yet. We had a drink at the counter and I was already being ogled because my legs were crossed and the tops of my thighs were showing. A guy came up behind us a few times, but I could see what he was doing and told my man every time he came by how he was checking me out. The evening was off to a good start, as we were going to be able to combine our two shared passions: billiards and exhibition. Once our little cocktail party was over, we headed for a French billiard table and picked up the equipment to start the game. I have to admit that I’m pretty good at French billiards, although my man is pretty good. And before we started, he came up to me and whispered in my ear that if I lost, I’d have to take off a piece of clothing of my choice.

I don’t know if I missed my shots on purpose, but I didn’t manage to reach the 10 points we’d set ourselves first… so I had to take off my sweater to continue the evening with my little top that squeezed my breasts and made it very easy to see my nipples and nipples poking out all the time… At the same time, I love this kind of situation and I know that my man loves it too, so we couldn’t help but both be aroused by this naughty situation, which wasn’t to be the only one of the evening.

Indeed, I had noticed, and so had my husband, that a man had remained seated a few meters away from us throughout the game we’d just played. He kept looking in our direction, or rather in my direction, as I wasn’t just playing billiards… I was also taking the opportunity to lift a leg every time I bent over to play the ball, which made my skirt ride up, revealing the tops of my thighs and no doubt the bottoms of my buttocks. No, I’m not a player at all, let alone an exhibitionist… lol We decided to play a second game, so I could get my revenge. Same pool table, same players, same punishment for losing, almost the same outfit and still the same guy sitting right next to me. And that’s when I had the time of my life. I was bending over every time I played, my nipples were prominent, my nipples were peaking and my thong was slowly getting wet. I really played a lot with the voyeur, and maybe even others, who were enjoying the show, and above all I played with my man, whom I love madly and who was the first accomplice in this situation. And concentrated or rather unfocused as I was, I of course lost again. My husband smiled at the last ball, he suspected, he knew, he was already imagining what I was going to be able to pull off and I also knew at that moment that I was going to have to slide my thong down my legs to put it discreetly in my handbag.
So I did, sitting on a chair next to the pool table, even though a number of players had arrived in the meantime. There were now more than twenty of us around the tables and I removed, not without a little embarrassment, but with a lot of excitement, the little piece of red cloth that covered my crotch.

I now had my apricot on display for all to see every time my skirt had to be lifted, either by myself or with my man’s help… We then went to the bar for a nightcap. I took the opportunity to cross and uncross my legs again, sitting on the high stool, so that passing men could admire my thighs and maybe more. I even noticed that some of them were taking photos with their phones. I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself in photos on internet sex sites. The evening ended a few minutes later. We left the pub, left the pool players, the voyeurs and hit the road before pulling into an undergrowth parking lot, to make love in the car.

I hope you enjoyed my erotic story as much as I, or rather we, did. Kisses. Stéphanie.