Amateur show

It’s fair to say that Karine has it in spades. At 37, the young woman publishes photos of her naughty outdoor outings. In this series, Karine performs an amateur exhibition in a park on the edge of a forest in Vimy, Pas-de-Calais. Renowned for being frequented by voyeurs and couples, the location is ideal for a young woman who likes to feel the naughty glances being cast her way.

Show her pussy on a park bench

Montre sa chatte sur un banc public - Exhib amateur

With her miniskirt pulled up, Karine spreads her thighs on a park bench. Panties off, one leg raised, she shows off her smooth pink pussy. As she smokes a cigarette, she holds the pose for the nearby voyeurs.

Pantiless miniskirt, showing off her ass and pussy

Mini-jupe sans culotte - Exhib amateur

A short stroll in the nearby forest. Karine uses the fact that the buckle on her sandal has come undone as an excuse to lower herself down and put it back on. In such a position, the mini-skirt rises completely, revealing Karine’s magnificent ass. The young woman declares that she loves to feel voyeurs masturbate as they watch her. To make sure her shows are a success, she posts them on the Internet and lets anyone who wants to come know. She rarely goes through with the deed when she’s showing off – it’s not her priority. Once or twice with voyeurs who offered to fuck her. Excited, she indulged in 3-way sex with her photographer.

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