Mélissa, the beautiful hairy cat

Mélissa is a young woman in her thirties for whom sex is not a taboo. She lives a free sexuality and doesn’t take things too seriously. She’s also a very natural woman. But natural doesn’t mean she’s not feminine, quite the contrary. Natural, in the sense that she’s comfortable in her own body. She doesn’t shave her pussy or have her breasts done. With Mélissa, everything is original. As the following series of photos will attest.

Naturist beach


In summer, Mélissa and her boyfriend are naturists. On the border between Italy and France, the couple spend their vacations with their sex exposed. The photo above doesn’t really reflect Melissa’s hairy sex, as she’s just trimmed it a bit. Usually, her pussy is much hairier. Take a look at her photo gallery and you’ll understand.

Hairy pussy, beach show

You can see from Melissa’s naughty photos that she doesn’t hesitate to spread her thighs to show off her big hairy pussy. Which must delight the naturist beach voyeurs. And as the afternoon draws to a close, at snack time, Mélissa lets herself be tempted by a good blowjob. She gives up reading to suck off her boyfriend.