Plan cul young couple libertine

Having just met on the Internet for a booty call, two young libertines get to know each other in private. In the man’s apartment, the young woman is a little shy. More at ease behind her computer screen, she’s much less so in reality. The guy is as warm as a cucumber and tries to put his new temporary companion at ease. The video is available for download at the bottom of the page.

Sexy young libertine

Jeune femme sexy en talon et mini-jupe - Plan cul
Cross-legged, pantyhose-free, in stiletto heels, the young woman is dressed in a short skirt and a tight black top. Together, they exchange small talk. The guy gets pushy and starts spicing up the conversation with a bit of sex talk. Less at ease than on the Internet, the young libertine is nevertheless persuaded to show off her breasts.

A fine pair of natural breasts

Belle paire de seins - Plan cul
Shy, she gently removes her top and shows off her beautiful breasts. Her breasts are natural, a little drooping, but perfectly sized.Touche ses seins et se caresse - Plan culShe spreads her thighs a little, revealing a pair of sexy black panties. The young libertine is getting more and more excited. He asks his companion to stroke her pussy a little. The young man is a bit of a voyeur. He enjoys watching an almost-naked young libertine masturbating on his sofa, with her breasts exposed.


Sort la bite du pantalon - Plan cul

The guy can’t take it anymore and watching is enough. He wants to get down to business. He invites the young woman to perform oral sex on him. Still shy, she begins to unbutton the pants of the man standing in front of her.Prend la queue entre ses mains - Plan culShe pulls out his cock and holds it in her hand. The young libertine’s hard-on is almost at its maximum. He’s only got one thing on his mind: to get his partner to stick his dick in her mouth.Timide - Plan culBut the young woman seems to be begging for it. The young man is not short of arguments. He tells her that a true libertine would not procrastinate in front of such a beautiful cock.Suce une bite - Plan culFaced with such an argument, the young woman feels her self-esteem touched. She takes hold of his cock and starts licking it, then putting it delicately in her mouth.

Giving a good blowjob

Bite dans la bouche - Plan cul

The libertine encounter is launched and the young woman gives her partner a good blowjob. She even gives him a deep throat. She who was shy a few minutes ago… She sucks perfectly well, without her hands, like a real pig.Gorge profonde - Plan culExcitement starts to build and the young woman, while performing fellatio, discreetly slips her hand into her panties. She masturbates slowly and lets out little moans of satisfaction.Suce et se masturbe - Plan culThe young man is not unaware of the young woman’s caresses and is enjoying the scene.Bonne pipe - Plan culThe more the naughty woman masturbates, the more vigorously she pumps and swallows the young man’s stiff cock. With her hand in his panties, she titillates his clitoris and runs her fingers between his wet lips. As he senses his partner’s growing arousal, he invites her to lie down for a good fuck.

Fucking on the sofa

Baise en missionnaire - Plan cul

The excitement is such that the libertine couple don’t take the time to undress. Bare-breasted, the naughty girl lies down on the sofa and gets fucked on her side. The young man spreads her leg, pulls up the mini-skirt, shifts the panties and penetrates her naturally lubricated pussy.


Baise par derrière : levrette - Plan cul

To vary the pleasures, the guy turns his girlfriend over and fucks her from behind, doggy-style. With his hands on her buttocks, he gives her a good, deep thrust with his cock.Levrette profonde - Plan culOn all fours, the slut is taken apart harder and harder, to the point where she can’t help but scream. She starts to cum and you can hear it. The guy senses that orgasm is near. He decides to fuck her again like a missionary.

Ejaculation on the panties

Baise avec culotte - Plan cul

The guy’s about to cum. He spreads his partner’s thighs and fucks her from the front. Lying on her back, the young libertine gets a load in her pussy.Éjaculation - Plan culIn one fell swoop, he withdraws his cock from his partner’s vagina and spills his semen onto her pussy, over her panties.Sperme sur la culotte - Plan culThe lingerie is stained with pearly semen. On a pair of black panties, the cum comes out even better. The young woman is happy to let herself cum on them. Even through the panties, she can feel the warmth of the cum against her skin.

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