Maria, round girl with big natural breasts

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Despite my young age – I’m only 24 – I’m proud to call myself a full-fledged libertine. I’ve already had classic love affairs. I was with a guy for a year and a half. But life as a cushy little couple isn’t for me. At least not for the moment. I need to be free and see who I want when I want. I love sex. With my lovers, I like to take charge. There’s no question of putting it on my back and waiting for it to happen. Physically, I’m aware that I’m a curvy girl. My physique is a real seductive asset, especially as I have a nice pair of breasts, and a natural one at that. As soon as I take off my bra, guys literally melt at the sight of my breasts. I’m a luscious libertine, that’s all!

Maria’s large natural breasts in Lille

Maria : fille ronde aux très gros seins naturels

Maria’s libertine photos

I love showing off. Whenever I’m with a guy, I don’t hesitate to grab my Iphone and take a naughty picture. Then I publish a lot of photos on the net, on naughty sites. It’s always nice to see the comments from guys. One guy once told me he’d jerked off to a series of photos I’d taken. It’s very exciting to know that you’re making a guy come from a distance


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