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Hi to all libertine friends! I’m a 52 year old woman from Brittany and I wanted to send some naughty photos of myself. I love exhib, in life and on the internet. I live in Rennes and frequent a lot of libertine places, and for years now I’ve built up a core group of contacts in this milieu. I sometimes go to Saint-Aubin-du-Pavail to La Petite Cheminée, depending on whether I’m in a hard or soft mood. I’m also a woman who likes booty calls. In my phone, I have a list of young lovers who don’t hesitate when I send them a text message. Generally, when it’s a private booty call, he’ll get back to me within the day 😉 Likewise, depending on my moods, I change my clothing style quite a lot. I like to play the role of a chic woman or that of a businesswoman. I have a whole collection of sexy suits. Intimately, I don’t have a preference, I’m more of a shaved pussy or… hairy pussy, it also depends on my desires. I like a change.

Shaved pussy in tights

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Martine’s libertine photos

As I was saying, I like to tackle different styles of dress. Here are a few photos of me when I was still a hairy pussy, 15 days ago. Since I’ve shaved, I’m all smooth 😉

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