Dressed and Naked: Before and After

Have you always wanted to see your neighbor or work colleague naked? Well, yes… you know the one who often wears a skirt, has a great ass and a big pair of pussy. Every man has once imagined a woman with her clothes off or having an intimate sexual encounter. A fantasy, a kind of unfulfilled desire. Site-libertin.com brings you a series of the best photos of clothed and nude girls.

Cougar woman

Here’s a cougar woman who hides her game well. This mature woman from Brittany may not look like much, but she’s a real lioness when it comes to intimacy. At first glance, she looks like an ordinary woman on the beach. But when she’s out on a sexy date, she becomes a real seductress. She knows how to show off her good looks and adorn herself with exciting lingerie.

Blonde hottie

This young woman is a libertine by nature and loves to show off. In the woods, with her boyfriend, she walks around in a tight dress, without panties and doesn’t hesitate to lean against a tree to show off her beautiful hairy pussy and her pair of breasts.

Hairy pussy

Fans of hairy pussies will be delighted by this brunette showing off her beautiful bush in the kitchen. Sexy by nature, the young woman wears rather tight-fitting clothes.

Nude young woman

Another young woman with a hairy pussy. Is fashion changing? No more smooth pussies? In any case, we love to see this young woman lightly dressed and then completely naked, legs spread wide.

Mature woman

Here she is, the co-worker you meet every day and are dying to see naked. In the privacy of her own home, she’s showing off a big pair of round breasts and a shaved pussy. Enough to get any man’s dick hard!

Nice pair of tits

You can’t help but stand in awe of such breasts. A magnificent pair of breasts with lovely nipples.

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