Sexy humor photos

Sexy photos abound on the Internet, and it’s not unusual to get lost in them. brings you a selection of the best sexy photos on the net. Funny, amusing and sex-related situations. So let’s have some laughs!

The baguette in the shape of a cock

Baguette de pain en forme de bite

It’s so good to smell fresh bread. That’s probably what this woman with the breadstick in her hand is telling herself. She’s also thinking that it reminds her of her husband’s cock and that she’d better hurry home and give him a blowjob. Another naughty baker. After the baker’s famous loaves, the crouton in the shape of an acorn, well done!

A vagina in the butter

Vagin dans la plaquette de beurre

After the dick-shaped baguette, here’s something to round off breakfast. If you find that your fresh butter tastes a little like vagina, that’s normal. With this kind of packaging, men will be flocking to the supermarket produce department. We can just imagine a guy giving his butter packet a little cunnilingus at breakfast.

Ballskin backpacks

Sac-à-dos en peau de couilles
Still looking for something new? Introducing the ballskin backpack! The fabric replicates the withered, slightly hairy skin of a pair of balls. Not bad for walking around and attracting the attention of women who might suddenly want to caress it.

Clinton blowjob

What if, of the two Clintons, the unfaithful one wasn’t the one we think?

Fellation Clinton

Cock-shaped footprint

Semelle chaussure : empreinte en forme de bite

If you like walking in mud or cool cement, these shoes are for you! The original sole will leave a sexual imprint in your wake. Basically: if you want to find me, follow the dick tracks. Easy, isn’t it?

Penis cakes

Gâteau pénis

Cakes, petits-fours, cupcakes – whatever the occasion, it’s always a good idea to bring a little something home for your guests. Here’s an assortment of little cakes in the shape of a dick to delight even the hungriest of mouths. Plain or chocolate, the choice is yours! The more daring will offer one to their girlfriend.

Oysters, divinely sexual

Let’s stay on the culinary front. If you’re single, we’ve found the best way to get as close to cunnilingus as possible: eat oysters.Huître vagin

Pair of balls in an egg carton

Paire de couilles dans la boîte d'oeufs

If you’ve run out of ways to make people laugh, take a trip to the fridge. Take an egg carton and cut 2 walnut-sized holes in it. Slide in your pair of balls and you’re done.

Other funny sexy photos

Cycling in a thong and miniskirt

A real treat for the guys following behind her. They love the sight of such a cute ass and tight thong.String en vélo