Amateur couple

Ah the vacations! There’s never been a better time for naughtiness and sex. This amateur couple obviously feels the same way we do. On vacation at their favorite seaside resort, they sent us a series of personal and private photos. The young woman, with chestnut hair and a few sun-kissed highlights, starts by showing off on the beach. The rest of the photos will be taken in private, in the vacation apartment. The whole thing ends with a good doggy-style fuck.

Beach show and Cameltoe

The afternoon at the beach comes to an end, and the young woman takes advantage of the opportunity to take one last bath. After taking a dip, she gets out of the water. Her wet swimsuit sticks to her skin.Exhibition plage en maillot de bain sexyHer boyfriend takes a close-up photo of his wife’s lower abdomen. The wet swimsuit fits her sex perfectly. The middle seam divides the labia majora in two and perfectly outlines her pussy slit. A true Cameltoe as we love them.

Cameltoe mouillé

Private photos and doggy-style

Once back at the vacation apartment, the couple let loose in a series of more daring photos. The guy can’t resist admiring his wife’s ass in a thong. It has to be said that her buttocks are sumptuous. The string of the thong is increasingly shifted, giving way to the guy’s stiff cock as he penetrates his wife doggy-style


A couple’s erotic story
We shot an X-rated video

Two years ago, my husband and I met a man in a libertine club who offered to shoot an amateur x-film. At first, we turned down his offer, but before leaving, he slipped us a business card with his contact details so we could get in touch in case we changed our minds.
A few months later, I was the one to tell my husband about it when I found the card at the bottom of my handbag. Why don’t we give the guy a call,” I said, “and see what he has to offer? We can always ask around.

My husband knows that I’m very exhibitionist, he knows that I like the idea of men masturbating to the sight of me naked, we’ve already had some exhibition encounters and improvised booty calls in the dunes during our vacations. After a quick phone call between the guy and us, we arranged to meet in a big city near our home. We now knew the conditions of the shoot, and all we had to do was agree to live out this new naughty experience. I had dressed appropriately: a skirt, heels, stockings, a thong, no bra and just a fairly warm sweater. At the terrace of the café where we’d arranged to meet, the guy started filming, asking us questions after getting our consent to broadcast the images. First he asked about our relationship, our sexuality, our libertine life and our encounters, then he started asking me to spread my legs to film under the table, and to pull up my sweater to get a glimpse of my breasts. I played along because I like that, even though there was a bit of a crowd not far from us.

This little exhibition game in front of the camera was really starting to turn me on. I was totally at ease and my husband was having fun watching me showing off. We finished our chat and headed off to a nearby park for a bit of peace and quiet. The guy kept filming all the time, even in the street, even when I lifted my skirt and showed my ass, or turned around and lifted my sweater to show my big boobs.
When we got to the park, we stood behind a small grove and I unbuttoned my husband’s pants to suck him off. I was on my knees in front of him, and he had a hard-on – he too must have been excited by the presence of the camera right next to us.

Then I lifted my skirt and turned around so he could take me. I was still a bit worried about people catching us, but neither my husband nor the guy filming seemed to be bothered by it. So my husband took me like this and I had put my breasts in the air so that they jiggled at the same time, and when my man wanted to cum, he asked me to turn around so that he could give me a good big facial and oral ejaculation. The guy cut his film afterwards, leaving me to finish swallowing all the cum I’d collected on my face with my fingers. He told us that we’d done a great job, that he had enough for a good amateur porn scene and that we could contact him again if we wanted to shoot again, that he could also add one or more partners if I wanted to do male pluralism, that we could also script the next time even more, as if we were shooting a real movie, like I’d have a booty call with a stranger in the street or in a hotel, or all the possibilities.

My husband and I went home and waited impatiently for the guy to send us the final version, since we hadn’t actually seen anything. A month later, we received a link to download the video and it was a very pleasant surprise. It’s really weird to see ourselves on the screen, on the PC, but it’s also really exciting! We then waited impatiently for our sex video to be uploaded to the site. We had to wait two or three weeks, I think, and then it was crazy! We got dozens of comments, some cute, some risqué and some really dirty, but every time we read a new one, we thought it was really good and always just as exciting.
We didn’t renew the experience, even though it was really good for us and especially for me, who loves being seen, who loves exciting men, who loves seeing or imagining men masturbating while they look at me. However, we continued our libertine life and we still continue to make naughty encounters. We’re registered on several libertine dating sites and still go out clubbing on a regular basis. Occasionally, but rarely, we also meet by chance, at the beach, in the street or on exhibition in forests or parking lots. I hope you’ve enjoyed our testimony, which is a true erotic tale. I’ll say it again: it was a sex experience like any other, and we don’t regret it – quite the opposite, in fact. We’ve always assumed what we were doing, without hiding it from our family or friends. And who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other in a club or chat on a website or watch each other on webcam one day. All the best. Nathalie and Thierry.