Bare breasts

As Éric Charden so aptly sang: L’été s’ra chaud l’été s’ra chaud, Dans les t-shirts dans les maillots, L’été s’ra chaud l’été s’ra chaud, D’la Côte d’Azur à Saint-Malo. Summer’s in full swing and the beaches are teeming with beautiful topless girls and women. We agree, for the best tan, it’s best to ditch the top and avoid unsightly tan lines. Here’s a selection of the most beautiful breasts on the net. Brunette, blonde, redhead, small breasts, big breasts, natural or siliconized, all pairs of breasts are represented. There’s something for everyone!

100% natural breasts on the beach

Seins nus à la plage : poitrine naturelle

On a beach in the south of France, two young women go topless. Two different breasts, one rounder and the other larger but drooping. At least there’s no deception here – everything’s natural.

Bare breasts: big breasts

Seins nus : grosse poitrine

This young woman of Latin descent shows off a very pretty and opulent bust. A nice pair of round, tanned breasts. Enough to satisfy all the voyeurs on the beach. With such a beautiful figure, it goes without saying that many a man will take notice


Topless redhead

Seins nus : fille rousse

Ah, redheads! As mysterious as they are exciting, they’re always a magnet for men! Especially when they’re topless in the sea. Such pale skin brings out such beautiful breasts and pink nipples

Photos of topless women

To round off this issue, here’s a selection of the summer’s most beautiful breasts. Big or small, breasts are taking to the air and the sun

Maria’s big breasts

Maria is a young woman of Spanish origin. Don’t think that’s a dirty coincidence! Well, it is… It’s obvious that with such large breasts, Spanish wanking is the order of the day. The exciting photo shows the young woman putting on her bra. Not easy to dress such big breasts.Bons gros seins

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