Sex on the beach and on vacation (photos)

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  • Sexy blondes on the beach

    Sexy blondes on the beach

  • Sex on the beach

    Sex on the beach

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    Nice ass at the beach

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    Blowjob beach

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    Big tits on the beach

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    Nude woman beach

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    Mature beach

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    Bare breasts beach

Erotic & libertine story My booty call at the beach

Do you know naturist and libertine beaches? Well, I know a great one on the Ile d’Oléron, the beach at Boyard Ville, just past the Fort des Saumonards. I went there last summer and had a wonderful time. Not only did I get to look at naked chicks and couples, but I also got to see things as a voyeur, things too good to ogle, like couples fucking in the dunes or in the undergrowth, exhibitions of chicks sunbathing with their legs wide apart, and there was even one chick with her husband, her legs wide open and her boyfriend touching her pussy.

But the best memory was when I banged a girl of about 30, who was alone on her towel and half-hidden in the woods, just in the sun, behind some groves. She was sunbathing and reading. She was lying on her back, legs bent, slightly apart, I could just see from the little path that she had no swimming trunks on but no more and she was well on her breasts. I slipped through the copse and approached her, asking what she was reading.

She replied that it was an erotic novel and that it pleased her and turned her on a bit, but that she was frustrated at the same time because she was alone and would have liked to put into practice what she could read in the book. I was still a little surprised by her answer, but after all, I know there’s such a thing as a naughty girl and I must have been the only one to notice her among all the voyeurs strolling around the dunes and forest with their dicks in their hands.

She agreed to let me sit next to her and we didn’t have much of a chat as she handed me her bottle of sun cream and asked me to put some on her back and shoulders as she didn’t want to get sunburnt. When she stood up to turn around, I could see her big tits with big nipples. They were quite large, I’d guessed when she was lying down, but I didn’t think her tits were so heavy.

I rubbed some cream on her shoulders, then her back, then her lower back, the hollow of her loins, and afterwards she said “yes, don’t hesitate to put some on my buttocks either, because even though I like them red, I prefer it when it’s because of a spanking than because of the sun! “I thought for a moment I was in a dream or in the middle of a sunstroke, but no, what I was experiencing was very real! My hands then caressed her ass, a big ass with a bit of cellulite, but a good, wide ass that gave me little cravings. She spread her legs a little wider, her buttocks at the same time, and I could see her anus and her smooth, fleshy pussy in close-up in front of me. I took the opportunity to slip my hand in as I continued to put suncream on her, and she let me do the bitchy thing, even arching her ass so that I could caress her pussy and clit more easily.

Then, all of a sudden, she turned around, sat down and I thought I’d done something she wasn’t going to like, but no, on the contrary, she asked me to give her my dick so she could jerk it off: “Let me see your dick so I can take care of it a bit”. I stood up, I wasn’t really hard yet, my dick was half limp, I was a bit pissed off because it didn’t show great excitement, but in fact, I was intimidated by the slut. She took it from me with her right hand and started to masturbate me to make it bigger but it was finally in her mouth that I achieved a really good erection. I’ve got to tell you, she sucked really well too. She played with her tongue on my glans, squeezing the bottom of my cock hard to make it swell and my glans protrude and then flicking it with her tongue. At one point, I turned around and saw that two guys were checking us out. She must have seen them because she was looking behind me from time to time and she didn’t mind at all, on the contrary, it must have turned her on even more because she couldn’t stop eating my cock and even gave me three deep throats on her own without me holding her head. It really turned me on and I could feel it going up inside me. I was going to cum in no time but I didn’t know how to tell her. And then I thought maybe she wanted me to take her but I didn’t have a condom on me and finally, the way she was pumping me, I thought she just wanted to give me a blowjob and that was that.

Then she started to accelerate the movement with her hand and her mouth, it was too good, a very hot mouth, with lots of saliva inside and she must have felt that I was going to cum because she took my cock out of her mouth and she opened her mouth wide, continued to jerk me off and told me “go ahead and throw it all over my face”. I hadn’t cum in 4 days, I emptied myself on her tongue, down her throat, on her forehead, on her cheeks, it was everywhere and she was smiling! I thanked her with a smile of my own. She wiped her face as she swallowed what she’d taken in her mouth, then looked behind me, shouting “who’s next?” I stepped back a little, balls drained, and played voyeur. She pumped three guys in a row after me, who’d just had my first booty call on a libertine naturist beach! What a kick!