Nice ass in a thong

If a woman’s sexy character were to be defined by a single element, it would have to be her thong. What man doesn’t go crazy at the mere sight of a beautiful pair of thong buttocks? With this lingerie item, women have a considerable advantage when it comes to seducing intimates. Intimacy or not, in fact. Many women wear thongs and make sure they show, even over clothes. Some even take it beyond the waist. Naughty! Here, brings you a selection of beautiful asses in thongs.

Cougar woman in string thong

Femme mûre en string ficelle

This cougar woman, in the presence of her young lover, presents him with her fleshy ass. Dressed in a string thong and a pair of nylon stockings, the mature woman is very exciting. It’s easy to see that the string fits completely between her buttocks and into her hairy pussy.

Pink thong

String tanga rose

A woman, lying on her bed, shows off her ass in front of the webcam. She excites her visitors, who love to see her showing off in her thong. In her pink thong, she pulls on it so that her pussy is well molded. The thinnest part of the panties separates her two pretty, firm buttocks.

2-sided string thong!

String qui rentre dans la chatte (plage)

We’ve heard of the string thong that goes up the ass, but now here’s the one that goes up the pussy! This woman is showing off on the beach in front of a crowd of men who can’t stop staring at her. The string thong fits completely between her two large pussy lips.

Open thong: the libertine thong

And the winner of the libertine thong title is undoubtedly the open thong. Libertine women love to excite their lovers with such a light thong. This article of lingerie lets you fuck without removing or shifting it. The g-string is very much in evidence at libertine parties. A must-have for all self-respecting libertine women.String ouvert

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G-string or thong?

While the thong and the tanga have the same objective, which is to enhance a woman’s buttocks, they differ in shape and magnify the ass in different ways. What they have in common, of course, is that the thong and the tanga form a triangle of fabric at the front. The difference between the thong and the tanga is at the back. The thong is made up of a light string that separates the two buttocks, leaving the ass completely visible. The tanga, on the other hand, is more subtle. In short, the difference is minimal. Nevertheless, some women prefer the tanga, which they find less naughty and more comfortable to wear. The thong itself, on the other hand, gives some women an unpleasant sensation. Under clothing, the thong or tanga is favored by women who don’t want to show through their clothes. But also for those who want to seduce their lover in private.