Woman offered

Similar to candaulism, the principle of the offered woman is simple. A libertine couple meet up with strangers for sex, often in the open air. In a parking lot or on the edge of a forest, wood or freeway. Basically, Monsieur offers Madame to anyone willing to have sex with her. Limited to several participants, the number is set by the libertine couple. Often, the number of strangers is limited to 5. All the sex lovers have to do is turn up at the meeting place and take care of the lady on offer. As for the man, he stands back and enjoys seeing his wife in the hands of other strangers.


Candaulisme - Femme offerte

In a forest near Paris, near a freeway exit, a man offers his wife to two strangers. While he watches and masturbates, his wife takes turns giving a blowjob to two men. One of them starts stroking her pussy from behind. The slut is virtually naked in a string thong, nylon stockings and high heels.

Cougar woman

Cougar - Femme offerte
Here’s a cougar woman on the prowl in her car, looking for young men to have sex with and show off to. On the passenger seat, she spreads her thighs and shows off her transparent mini-string.

Trio fuck

A candaulist couple made an appointment with two strangers on alibertine dating site. In a wood near Lille in the Nord region of France, the woman offered by her husband was taken doggy-style and sucked another man at the same time. The husband, for his part, stands slightly to one side and watches his wife being taken in a threesome.

Femme-offerte en trio

Fucking in the car

There’s nothing like a good game of car fuck to relax. All you have to do is find a quiet spot on the side of the road and off you go!
Baise dans la voiture - Femme offerte

Naked in nylon stockings, this slut fucks a stranger on the seat of her car. The husband, outside, jerks off as he watches his wife being taken apart by another man.Baise en string dans la voiture - Femme offerteIn a mini thong, this slut rides her partner’s cock in the car. She delicately pushes her pussy onto the penis of a man her husband has just introduced to her. The libertine couple are ecstatic. Madame gets fucked while Monsieur ogles the scene from the back seat.

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