Sex humor

In addition to pleasure, sex is also a source of humor and amazement. Here are some funny sex photos that will make you laugh (or not!) and won’t leave you without a reaction.

Beware of naturism

Humour sexy : Black à la plage

If you get the urge to go naturist this summer, be careful which beach you visit. Scan the horizon and keep an eye on your surroundings. If you don’t, you could quickly find yourself fined, like this man taking a leisurely stroll with his wife.

Adultery: how to get the message across?

If you don’t know how to tell your guy that your relationship is over and especially that you’re seeing a new guy, here’s a way to say it. Sure, there are gentler ways of doing it, but after all, why not? It’s the only way this American woman could find to leave Mike. The poor guy! He probably deserved it.Adultère message - Humour sexe

Cup Cakes vagina, the original and funky cake

Are you a man? Getting married soon? Looking for inspiration for your wedding cake? Here’s an idea that should appeal to male guests. Madame might not like it, but hey… let’s be original. It will be interesting to see how the guests enjoy the cupcakes. Some will crunch it, others will lick it off.Cup Cakes Vagin - Humour sexe

Earring dick or dick loop?

It doesn’t matter what you call this new piercing, which consists of passing an acorn through Madame’s hole, well… through her ear hole.Bite en boucle d'oreille - Humour sexe

Pipe under water, beer: relax Max

If Max had to have a face, this would be it. Relaxed, Max drinks a nice beer underwater while being sucked off by a pretty woman. You should have thought of that. Well done Max!Pipe sous l'eau - Humour sexe

Funny and unusual sex photos

Let’s have a few more laughs with a selection of photos as funny as they are surprising, always on the theme of sex of course

A real intimate toy

For many women, an intimate toy is a sextoy or other dildo. But no. Some go so far as to use real toys, like this dinosaur figurine. Why not? The long neck of the Diplodocus lends itself perfectly to the game.Humour sexy : jouet dans le cul

Mec nique at home

A new business idea to develop: home nics. After hairdressing, cleaning, eating, … fucking! Ladies, if you see this truck passing through town, stop it and give it your address.Nique à domicile - Humour sexe

Conscientious gardener

Humour sexe : jardinier consciencieux

This city’s roads department can be proud to count such a conscientious employee among its ranks. This hairy pussy enthusiast has an answer for lovers of waxed genitals. We prune, we brush, but we keep the bush. We’d like to thank the graffiti artist for his overflowing imagination.