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Booty calls and lingerie

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A good booty call is above all a great encounter. Frivolous women are often flirtatious and like to wear lingerie. Nylon stockings, thongs and garter belts are a real turn-on for men. As a seductress, the libertine woman doesn’t hesitate to adorn herself in her most beautiful lingerie to heighten excitement and arouse desire in her partner.Deux doigts dans le cul - Plan cul libertinThis young blonde watching her webcam shows off her glistening pussy in a garter belt. On the recommendation of her admirers, she takes the opportunity to stick two fingers up her asshole and excite the gallery.

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Booty call and fellatio

We keep saying it, but a good booty call always starts with a good blowjob. As a preliminary, it’s always nice when your partner gives you a blowjob before fucking. She gently slides her hand over your dick and stuffs it gently into her mouth.fealltion59Her lips curl up and wrap around your erect penis. She gives her lover a proper blowjob. The man is ecstatic and sighs with happiness as he takes a long blowjob.fellation56Here’s a selection of great blowjobs! Some photos of the best amateur blowjobs. They’re libertines and love having a cock in their mouth

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Booty calls and ejaculation

If a good booty call starts with a good blow job, it’s sure to end with a facial or oral ejaculation. Others also like to empty their balls on their ass, between their buttocks, breasts, feet, in short… when it comes to ejaculation, there’s no shortage of places to go.éjaculation bouche - Sperme épaisHer boyfriend senses that ejaculation is near. He quickly withdraws his cock from his girlfriend’s mouth and spills his juices over the edge of her lips. By reflex, the slut squints her eyes for fear of getting cum in her face. But no splashes. The young man’s cum is so thick that it clumps on the young woman’s mouth.éjaculation faciale brune - Plan cul libertinLess controlled, this man’s copious ejaculation completely drenches his partner’s face and mouth.

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If, by chance, your partner has a big pair of tits, take advantage of the opportunity to have a good Spanish wank. There’s nothing like a good masturbation between the two big tits of a hot girl.Branlette espagnole - Plan cul libertinAnd after you’ve stayed nice and warm between two big tits, all you have to do is cum on your girlfriend’s tits. Hot cum on breasts and nipples.Éjaculation sur une grosse paire de seins - Plan cul libertin

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There’s nothing like a big pair of tits for a sex party! Guys love big boobs, especially when the breasts are natural. This young woman cooking won’t tell you otherwise. Naked under her apron, she’s tasting her food. As she does so, she lets her large breasts dangle.Gros seins en cuisine

Sex encounter with a married woman

This woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, is looking for a sex encounter in Paris. She admits to cheating on her husband without restraint because he would desert her. We find this hard to understand when we look at the libertine photos of this 45-year-old woman. If you’d like to apply and meet this cheating woman, visit Rencontre sexe femme mariée à Paris.Rencontre sexe femme mariée - Chatte poilue blondeAnd as you’re bound to want to find out a little more about this cheating libertine, here are the rest of her photos. We can’t get enough of her beautiful blonde hairy pussy!

A couple’s erotic story
Sex in a libertine club

My best friend once told me about her fantasy of going to a libertine club. She’d seen a report on TV about this kind of place and it had given her all kinds of naughty ideas.

But she couldn’t go with her husband. They hadn’t even talked about it, her husband being so jealous. He can’t stand another man looking at her, so touching her was unthinkable. And it’s exactly the same for me… I’ve had a boyfriend for a few months now, but he’s hyper possessive and I couldn’t even see myself talking to him about libertinage. That didn’t stop her from asking me to go with her, as she couldn’t see any other solution. She wanted to see for herself what it was like, to see if indeed everyone was fucking everywhere, if chicks were dancing half-naked on the dance floor, to see what the guys were like there, to see if she could please others and that things could happen.

We talked about it at length because, even though I’m a naughty girl, it hadn’t occurred to me to go to a swingers club, and the desire to cheat on my man wasn’t in me at all. She did, however, find a few arguments to convince me: “it’s just for fun”, “you don’t have to do anything”, “if you find it creepy you can leave”, “it’s free for the girls” and last but not least: “Let’s see, if you can finally enjoy a jacuzzi, a hammam and a sauna for free, while watching naked guys and gals having sex, well, since we’re not obliged to do anything, the idea was downright tempting.

So we agreed on a date for the evening: a Thursday, and above all, we had a good excuse for our girlfriends: we wanted to have a little girls’ night out – it’d been a long time since we’d had one – and we thought we’d go to a restaurant and then have a cocktail in a nice bar.

We did go to the restaurant, but we didn’t end up at the pub. No, we went to the famous club my girlfriend had chosen. We arrived around 11pm and got a great welcome from the chick who must have been a waitress or the boss, we’re not sure. She gave us a tour of the facilities and there were already a lot of people in the rooms, which she called cuddle corners because we could hear screams of pleasure. This made us smile, and we pretended nothing had happened. Then we settled down at the bar to drink a small glass of bubbly offered by the chick. Two guys, one young and the other in his forties, were also seated and chatting amongst themselves. The older one was quite good-looking, a bit chubby but not bad, and I could see he was just staring at me.

We took our towels (because yes, you have to take towels to go into the “wet area” as she put it) and went to the changing rooms to undress. In this club, there was music but no dance floor and above all, there weren’t many people. We took a shower, which was compulsory before going into the wet area, and then decided to have a sauna. Just as well, there was no one there, just a guy splashing around on his own in the jacuzzi opposite. I must admit, it’s not easy to think you’re going to be walking naked through the corridors, but with the towel, you could at least hide a little. After 5 minutes of sweating, we decided to take a dip in the jacuzzi. We got in on the side and, with the bubbles, it was quite pleasant. The water was warm, the background music was nice, and we were both at our best when we saw the two guys at the bar get into the Jacuzzi too. They sat down a couple of meters away from us and started laughing, coming and going in front of us, the tall dark-haired guy smiling at me every time they passed, which I found very charming and, it’s true, a little exciting.
Then they stood right in front of us and offered my girlfriend and me a foot massage. After all, why turn down such a kind offer? We were there to enjoy ourselves and make each other feel good, so we’d see how it went.

The tall, dark-haired man took care of my feet. His hands were so soft, he took each of my toes and was careful not to tickle the soles of my feet. It was very pleasant, so pleasant that I forgot I was naked and that he could see my breasts and pubic area under the water, but I didn’t really care, it was so good.
He then massaged my ankles, then my calves, his hands moving up more and more, I was embarrassed and excited at the same time and I said “Hey, aren’t those my feet you’re massaging?” “Oup’s sorry” he replied with his charming smile “I can stop if you want” he added. I smiled and told him it would be a pity to stop now as it was getting more and more pleasurable. His hands were now up my thighs, I had closed them but half-opened them a little, he brushed my hate with a finger then stroked my hips, because, yes, it wasn’t a massage at all anymore, it had become caresses. It felt really good, he was very gentle, very tender, I wasn’t even looking at what my girlfriend was doing next door but I could tell she was enjoying it too.

Then the charming guy came up to my face, I thought he wanted to kiss me but he invited me, whispering in my ear, to go to a little room. I looked at my girlfriend, she got up too, accompanied by the young man, and we went together to the cuddling area, but taking a separate room, anyway… lol There, my prince charming of the evening put his towel on the bed, laid me gently on my back and asked me to let go. He planted hot kisses on my neck, my shoulders, my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, I let him, it was simply exquisite. He then ran his tongue between my thighs, continuing to place kisses, I spread my legs to offer him my vulva, which was just begging for it. I felt the tip of his tongue on my clit, he was as delicate as ever in his gestures and the way he licked me. He played with his tongue, up and down, down to my anus to lick it too. It was too good. I thought for a moment about my boyfriend, but it was only a flash as I felt a finger penetrate me and I let myself go again. His finger went in and out of me, his tongue titillating my clit, his other hand caressing my breasts, I could feel myself rising more and more and that the orgasm was going to be there.
A few minutes later, I let out little cries of pleasure… he’d just made me come. He placed hot kisses all over my body again and I said “and you?”.
He looked at me with his charming smile and replied “I take pleasure in giving it, and right now I’ve taken a lot”. I then asked him to lie on his back, took his cock in my hand, then in my mouth and sucked him until he got off too.

He thanked me, we embraced, gave each other a gentle hug and left, saying thank you again and “see you soon”. I didn’t see him again that evening. I don’t know where he went next, I couldn’t find him. On the other hand, I did find my girlfriend, who had screamed from the other side of the wall. We took a shower, had a drink and went home to our unsuspecting men.
So that was my first sex evening in a libertine club and it was a real delight. I’m glad I could share this memory with you, and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you soon perhaps for another naughty story. Kisses