Sperm and facial ejaculation, internal

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The culmination of a booty call for a guy is ejaculation. Women love it when their lover comes and lets out a little moan of happiness. It’s the ultimate reward for a good fuck or a great blowjob. Here are some great photos of copious ejaculation, full of cum on the face, pussy, ass or breasts. In short, an explosion of cum in amateur photos.

Pussy full of cum

The ejaculation is so copious, his girlfriend can pick up the hot cum with her full hand. The cum completely covers her pussy, which was already quite wet

He empties his balls on her pussy - Amateur sex
He empties his balls on her pussy – Amateur sex

Mature woman blowjob

This mature woman sucks so well that her lover can’t contain his pleasure and spits out the mashed potato. Hot, fresh semen spurts from his cock and the mature woman continues to suck him off. While scooping up what she can with her tongue.

Sperme dans la bouche
She sucks her lover’s cock until he comes and ejaculates his pearly sperm.

Ejaculation in the anus

After sodomizing his girlfriend, the guy dumps all his mashed potato on her asshole. His pearly cum washes over the entire surface of the asshole.

Cumshot on his girlfriend's anus - Amateur sex
After fucking her, he enjoys all his fresh cum on his girlfriend’s asshole

Blonde sucker loves the taste of cum

Some people get a drip from their nose, others a drip from their lips. Such is the case with this pretty blonde who has just performed oral sex on a man. He’s cum in her mouth, but the sexy blonde can’t swallow it all. A drop of semen drips from her mouth.

She swallows her boyfriend's sperm
After giving him a good blowjob, the blonde swallows all her lover’s cum. Except for a drop of sperm that seems to resist!

internal ejaculation

Just as this couple have been fucking for a while, the guy senses that he’s about to cum. He doesn’t have time to pull out and ejaculates directly into his girlfriend’s vagina. He pulls out and takes a photo of the young woman spreading her pussy and showing the cum coming out.

Internal ejaculation
A good bit of amateur sex that ends in an internal ejaculation. The young woman opens her pussy to show off the cum that flows out

Sperm and ejaculation photo gallery

Dripping semen and wet pussy

When sex gets out of hand with three Canadian girlfriends who get together for a night out. One of them, a fake blonde, has just been fucked by a guy. Her pussy is still dripping. Sperm drips from her pussy.

sperm flowing
Sitting in the back of the van with her girlfriends, a fake blonde shows off her little hairy pussy dripping with cum.

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