The best sexy selfies

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The selfie is still all the rage! More and more women are taking photos of themselves in sexy or hard positions. Among all the photos we receive by e-mail, here are the best ones we’ve selected.

Marion from Reims shows us her holes!

To show off her pussy and asshole, Marion holds her thighs close to her body. Thank you!Beaux trous - Selfie sexy

Dominique shows off her pussy in the car mirror

Most selfies are taken in front of the bedroom mirror, but no! Dominique takes a photo of her hairy pussy through the car’s rear view mirror. Well done!Exhibe sa chatte en selfie dans la voiture

Coco sucks Jean-Marc in Caen

Before going out for a drink, there’s nothing like a little blowjob, is there Jean-Marc?Fellation en selfie

Fucking in front of the mirror (Juju and Clélia)

Maybe you’ve already seen photos of this young couple taking selfies of themselves having sex.

Baise devant la glace - Selfie sexy

After these photos of the best sexy selfies, discover :