Corinne’s show at the Sexshop

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Corinne is 36 and lives in the north of France. With her husband, she runs a sex shop. A lover of naughty and erotic games, she poses for With her husband, she forms a libertine couple. She admits to enjoying and testing all the store’s products.

Naughty fishnet lingerie


The luscious Corinne wears an ultra-tight fishnet dress that curves her big breasts and generous hips.exhib-sexshop1

exhib-sexshop2Sexy dress through which we can make out a beautiful shaved pussy.


Corinne never misses an opportunity to show off her big tits in the sexshop. Under her husband’s voyeuristic gaze. The couple also tell us that they’ve already had sex in the store, with other libertines. A lover of candaulism, Thierry enjoys watching his wife with other men.exhib-sexshop5


After these photos of Corinne’s exibe, discover :