Candaulism: libertine sex

Candaulism is often associated with libertarianism, because it’s a sexual practice akin to swinging. In fact, candaulism consists in sharing one’s wife and taking pleasure in watching her in the hands of other men or women. The difference with swinging is that candaulism does not include the notion of reciprocity. Basically, a man can take sexual advantage of another man’s wife without exposing his own, or simply be celibate. Candaulism is akin to voyeurism and mingling. More and more libertines are being seduced by this less restrictive sexual practice than swinging.

Three-way sex with two strangers

Baise à trois - Candaulisme

It’s under the voyeur’s gaze that this woman, blonde and fleshy, is taken by two guys, pure strangers. After placing an ad on the Internet , the couple arranged to meet other men for a free, unrequited fuck. In a disused house on the outskirts of a forest, the beautiful blonde gets fucked doggy-style while she has a cock in her mouth. Her husband watches and masturbates at the same time.

Fucking in the car

Baise voiture - Candaulisme

The car isn’t just a means of locomotion. The vehicle also serves as a spare bedroom. When it comes to candaulism, it’s best to be mobile and not look for too much comfort. Rendezvous are often held in parking lots or on the outskirts of woods or forests. Discretion is a must. It’s also important to choose a place where you can welcome other people. A man can offer his wife to a dozen strangers.Sexe coffre de voiture - Candaulisme The car is therefore the ideal place to give blowjobs or get fucked doggy-style. With the trunk up, all the luscious blonde has to do is present her ass and take a cock in her mouth. The husband, just a few yards from the car, watches his wife being fucked.

Group sex

 - Candaulisme

Still half-dressed, breasts exposed, the offered wife gives a blowjob to two men. She sucks on one side and masturbates on the other, always under the perverse gaze of her husband.

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